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Here's how you do the project... I've broken it up into chunks for you... 



- include be funky photo

- include images that represent you as a poet

- include links to all of the other pages in your project

- include a link to the LA 9 Poetry starting page of mine. Copy and paste this URL into a link on the page: http://languagearts9.pbwiki.com/languagearts9poetry

- link page to poetry terms page


TASK 2- CREATE a Poet Profile Page

Things to include:

- pictures of poet

- poet biography (2 par. max)

- links to 2-3 websites where people can find more info about poet

- link to poet's animoto movie page

- link to poet's TF TASTI poem analysis page

- link to your home glog page


TASK 3- CREATE  a Poem Page for 3 of your personal poems

- include 1 poem per page

- include images and objects as well as page design elements that compliment your poem

- include a 1 paragraph personal response discussing the style of poetry and the literary elements used in the poem

- link to your home glog page from both poems


TASK 4- CREATE a Visual representation of one of your poet's poems

- use Flickr to collect 20-30 photos that compliment the selected poem. Remember to credit each photographer for the photos you use. Create a list in a google doc.

- upload pictures to iphoto library

- create a title screen in iMovie 08 with author and poem title

- add music from Garageband that matches the mood of your poem

- add your voice over of the poem after you export your imovie project to garageband

- save and export for web quality or keep it under 50MB

-  upload your movie with a cool frame to the Poem Glog Page

- link to your home glog page


TASK 5- TF TASTI of selected poem

- Pick a poem from your poet's collection

- copy and paste the poem and the TF TASTI analysis into  a new google doc

- Complete the TF TASTI analysis and then create a complimentary glog page to support it. 

- include link to your home glog page

-  Include images for the background and objects


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